Black Hat conference featuring industry innovators

What do the words’ SEO convention’ mean to you? If you are thinking, no not again! Read more to understand why everyone is so excited about the Diamond Standard BHW SEO conference 2014 ‘UNgagged’

UNgagged, one of the most awaited SEO conventions of the year will be held in Las Vegas from November 15th to the 17th in Caesars Palace. While the venue is tempting enough, this conference is more about a great venue and great food; it is about the list of esteemed speakers who will literally set the stage on fire with their politically incorrect advice that is market ready. Before we go into the list of speakers, let us first look at why you should spend your precious time attending this SEO convention.

While there are many cool reasons to state the same, here are top three that can prove to be a complete game changer;

• First of all, you will hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, meaning uncensored advice that will come from the experts in the business who know what they are doing.

• Second; if you are looking for a way to instantly start making money, you have to attend this SEO convention as the experts will have money making advice that you will not get from a traditional forum. It is only here that you will get unadulterated advice.

• Third; the three day conference will strictly mean business and what this means is that you will gather information that you can apply right off the bat and expect to make amazing progress.

Here is a brief list of speakers who have broken the norm and emerged successful in their respective fields. The SEO convention UNgagged will be hosted by Erika Napoletano, the head of ‘Redhead Marketing’. Scott Straten from UNmarketing will be there in addition to Jeremy Schoemaker, founder of PAR program Inc and Brad Gosse, Chief Growth Hacker.

For the complete list of speakers and more information on the conference, please visit

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