My Business Story

I am a 24-year-old entrepreneur living in Brazil. My business includes constant shipping of goods from the US to my hometown.

I started off with a pretty rough ride. Absolutely nothing was how I had planned. I was all over the place. My shipping costs were way ahead than my overall profits at the start. There was not much I could do to help myself come out of the crisis.

I had even thought of quitting my business at one point because when the shipping costs became sky-high, I could not manage much.

Then one day my business partner suggested me Optimal US Logistics, LLC ( Although he was not much sure about it either, we thought let’s give it a shot.

Ever since we have started managing our business through Optimal US Logistics, we have not regretted our decision for once.

Whymay you ask?

Because it gave us so many benefits that within no time our profits skyrocketed and I was back in business!

How Did It Help Us?

Optimal US Logistics, LLC helped me and my business in many ways.

The first challenge me and my partner had been facing was our location. Since both of us are located in Brazil, shipping consignment from the US meant having to pay the shipping costs every time.

We had to do something about that.

Optimal US Logistics provided us with a virtual address in the US, which we could easily use to get our consignment delivered at.

Not only a virtual address, but gave me a virtual office too.

We could answer calls, place orders, and manage all shipment while being in Brazil.

Another thing that gave our sales an extra boost was the discounts we could enjoy due to Since many US-based retailers offer amazing discounts, we could make use of them. However, because we were not based in the US, this would mean we could not enjoy these discounts.

Optimal US Logistics, LLC made them available to us, automatically increasing our overall profits.

The service also included theprovision of a warehouse. All our orders did not reach once. Thus, I needed to have a warehouse in the US where all my orders would be stored before being dispatched.

Optimal US Logistics did exactly that, solving more of my problems. It merged all my orders into a single order, and I saved more on the shipping expenses.

The Boom That I Needed…

Within no time, my business took a turn that I had been waiting too long for.

I could not thank my partner enough for suggesting me because it changed my business overnight.

I was now able to save a lot of my shipping costs, which were my biggest dilemma earlier. The profits finally started to pour in, taking my business to new heights.

Now I am considering of expanding my business to other countries too.

Thanks to Optimal US Logistics, LLC!


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