Internet marketing of services

Marketing is advertising, buying and selling of goods and services.  In today‚Äôs world service has taken a different meaning. One offers his services, fixes a price for his service. Everything now is a saleable product. In olden days service means helping people in need and a reward in any form was never expected. But today any service is offered in return for payment. And services are now marketed, i.e., advertised, sold and bought. Along with traditional marketing internet marketing of goods and also services has come to stay.

Take for instance, education. In olden days education was considered to be the noblest service. Those imparting education had never charged for their service. But now it is the most commercialized service. Educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities are selling their services. They are advertising, offering different charges so that the customer can compare and choose. They are selling their services using both conventional and modern means of marketing. They are advertising about their institutions, the courses they offer, the fees they charge, and the facilities and placements they provide to the students. All this is done online.

Using internet, students are exposed to world renowned institutions and faculty. They can be in their places and interact with professors and students of any country through video conferencing. Thus internet marketing of educational services has become most important today.

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