Affiliate marketing a phenomenon

Today there is no country in the world that does not have access to the World Wide Web. Every country has equally literate people who communicate through the internet. Earlier the products available in one country and probably not available in another was a limitation due to the distances and the time involved in transporting them either through sea or air. Now we have so much sophistication that has evolved that they are no more limitations.

Communication and logistics in place brings about newer fields such as ecommerce that emerged in the past decade. Affiliate marketing came as a very important tool for positioning ones products in the internet and gain advantage of being there. Instead of a single company being present in more places with establishment costs soaring high the concept of Affiliate Marketing is a win-win situation for both the company and the affiliate. Territories not covered earlier by the company can now be covered by its affiliate in enhancing sales volumes. As a phenomenon affiliate marketing came with a bang and is here to stay for long.

Each affiliate manages his territory and the service issues if any by providing customer contact programs and resolving problems that are more a perception and hence not allowing the customer to slip away to competition.


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